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Now my time is focused on production, not doing my list on the sticky notes, or trying to keep track of everything myself. I had not realized how much of my time was wasted in those non-production efforts until I was able to stop doing them.

My number of appointments and overall efficiency has increased, and my clients experience the elevated level of customer service that will keep them much more loyal to me in the years ahead.

One trade covered the system fee for two years, thanks Client 4 Life!

The organization that Client 4 Life  has brought on board is nothing short of miraculous.  It has also stepped up my client service ability by a large degree.

Campaigns for both prospects and clients have been implemented, and the system of running those campaigns has left me with a sense that much fewer potential clients and assets have fallen through the cracks.

From my personal viewpoint of wanting to transition the practice to a junior partner, Client 4 Life  allows me to pass on not only a client base and product knowledge, but also a roadmap for success.  If this roadmap is followed, any advisor should maximize his success.

I had a desperate need for a structured system that would go beyond good record keeping of client communication and processing of new business.  Implementation of such a program I found to be near impossible on my own.  Client 4 Life offered the missing ingredient in providing the fully implemented structure.

Client 4 Life began by taking me step-by-step through training and ongoing support, and they restructured my business model from the ground up.  From designating and training of our staff in their specifically designated roles, to the model day and week of the Advisor, to the goal setting and tracking of those goals, I can see the bigger picture in attaining the maximum potential as a highly successful planner.

After 11 years in the retirement arena with no real strategy, Client 4 Life has helped to determine my true client base.  It helps me keep in touch and meet the financial needs of my clients.

It's time to create your story!

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See for yourself how the Client 4 Life system can help you sell more, become a trusted adviser and achieve a balanced lifestyle for the price of a cup of coffee a day

What The Client 4 Life System Can Do For You

Frees Up 30% Of Your Day

Our team based approach will open up your day to free up more time to spend on money making activities like meeting with qualified prospects instead of wasting time on busy work like marketing, compliance and client service.

Schedules Qualified Prospects

The Client 4 Life system puts you in front of qualified prospects. With 30% of your day freed up, you can have deep, meaningful conversations with these prospects.

Elevates You To Trusted Advisor Status

Client 4 Life gives you the perfect balance of people, process and technology that can elevate you to Trusted Advisor Status.