Wealth Transfer

​According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, when the primary account holder passes, 50% of the time

Assets in Play

​70,000 Advisors retiring, leaving 2 Trillion in assets!​ Are you leaving money on the table?

Client 4 Life Case Study

​The Client 4 Life Management System™ is a team-based approach that helps an Advisor increase production.

How to Change the Game

​Attack of the Robo-Advisors How the Digital-Revolution is Disrupting Wealth-Management.

Now my time is focused on production, not doing my list on the sticky notes, or trying to keep track of everything myself. I had not realized how much of my time was wasted in those non-production efforts until I was able to stop doing them.​

- Matt D.

Client 4 Life ......"the new foundation for practice success"

Why It Works

  • Frees up time to increase production
  • Fills the calendar with qualified appointments
  • A comprehensive turn-key messaging platform that strengthens client loyalty and reduces client attrition
  • Helps cost-effectively manage the 80% of the book that drives 20% of the revenue
  • Process-driven KPI approach to managing the practice


We Get It

The Client 4 Life Team is built on 40+ years of hands-on experience in the financial industry and practice management. Our team knows what advisors need to succeed, and we passionately believe that The Client 4 Life Management System™ is the game changer that will revolutionize your practice!

Tailored practice support solutions start at JUST $150.00 per month!

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