Wealth Transfer

​According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, when the primary account holder passes, 50% of the time


The Road to Independence

As seen in Investment News, 69% of breakaway advisers said that a "desire for greater independence" was a "major factor" in their decision to move firms.

Client 4 Life Case Study

​The Client 4 Life Management System™ is a team-based approach that helps an Advisor increase production.

How to Change the Game

​Attack of the Robo-Advisors How the Digital-Revolution is Disrupting Wealth-Management.

The best money that I have ever spent on my business was adding the Client 4 Life (C4L) program. C4L provides my CRM (Salesforce), drip marketing, etiquette letters and other correspondence on my behalf. They even make outbound calls to my clients and schedule my appointments for me.

- Travis P.

Client 4 Life ......"the new foundation for practice success"

Why It Works

  • Frees up time to increase production
  • Fills the calendar with qualified appointments
  • A comprehensive turn-key messaging platform that strengthens client loyalty and reduces client attrition
  • Helps cost-effectively manage the 80% of the book that drives 20% of the revenue
  • Process-driven KPI approach to managing the practice


We Get It

The Client 4 Life Team is built on 40+ years of hands-on experience in the financial industry and practice management. Our team knows what advisors need to succeed, and we passionately believe that The Client 4 Life Management System™ is the game changer that will revolutionize your practice!

Tailored practice support solutions start at JUST $150.00 per month!

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