"Our vision is to revolutionize the way financial advisors run their practice by giving them substantially more time to focus on what’s important to them and to help them develop deeper, more meaningful relationships."

About Us

The Client 4 Life Team is built on 40+ years of hands on experience in the financial industry and practice management. Our team knows what advisors need to succeed, and we passionately believe that The Client 4 Life Management System™ is the game changer that will revolutionize your practice!


  • Frees up time to increase production
  • Fills the calendar with qualified appointments
  • Provides a comprehensive turn-key messaging platform that strengthens client loyalty and reduces client attrition
  • Delivers an efficient process-driven KPI approach to managing the practice
  • Supports and/or “right-sizes” the practice with professionally hired, trained and managed outsourced staff
  • Easy-to-use, multi-device, cloud-based technology
  • A thirteen-year proven process of raising advisor production
  • A complete service for less than $11.00 hour FTE


  • You need a team, not another tool
  • It creates up to 30% more time each day to focus on production or what is important to you
  • Lowers practice overhead and increases productivity
  • Enhances the client experience and develops deeper multi-generational relationships within a family’s wealth eco-system
  • Provides a thriving practice and work/life balance
  • Increases accountability and efficiency with easily seen real-time directive-based dashboards

Tailored solutions start at $495.00 per month!